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The 6-slot horizontal chassis supports redundant power supplies, redundant supervisor engines, and slots for up to five modules. It also supports a greater power capacity per slot than the Catalyst 6506 switch chassis. ... Refer to the Catalyst 6509-NEB Switch and Cisco OSR-7609 Router Upgrade Note for kit installation instructions. Q&A for Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 720 - Cisco This level of integration increases slot efficiency of high performance and high availability configurations, by 1 slot and 2 slots in a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series chassis, respectively. ... What is the centralized forwarding performance of a 6509 with a Supervisor Engine 720 and all fabric-enabled (CEF256) components with no DFCs? Solved: Supervisor Engine 2T and blank slot cov... - Cisco ... I going to upgrade from Sup-720-3B to Sup-2T on 6509-E Chassis and while I going through the installation guide I came across a requirement for the adjacent supervisor slots to be either: Another Sup-2T. Another Module. SLOTBLANK-09 or WS-X6K-SLOT-CVR-E. and not to use the blank slot cover (Cisco part number WS-X6K-SLOT-CVR) and that is ... Cisco 6509 Sup Slots - Young American Furniture The 13-slot Cisco Catalyst 6513 Switch chassis is ideally suited for Release Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches with Supervisor Engine 8 Aug 2008 Refer to Comparison of the Cisco Catalyst and Cisco IOS Operating The active Supervisor Engine is in slot 5 and standby is in slot 6.

Cisco introduces the Cisco Catalyst 6509 Enhanced Vertical Chassis as part of the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series enhanced (E-Series) switches, delivering chassis with up to 1440 Gbps of system bandwidth capacity (80 Gbps/slot), enhanced …

6509-E. It seems the Cisco elves have been hard at work keeping up with the demand for power over ethernet (PoE) forThe Cisco Catalyst 6509-E Firewall Security System is a 9-slot model providing an easily deployed solution that integrates a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 720... Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Modules Supported: Supervisor

We recently tried to upgrade our Cisco 6509 switch from a Sup1A to a Sup 2 supervisor engine. We would have liked to moved up to a newer Supervisor engine but a used Sup2 was all that we could afford.

Apr 21, 2004 ... interfaces, nine Cisco Network/Service Module slots on the 6509 and 7609, ... 3If no redundant supervisor engine is installed and there is a VTT ... CISCO WS-C6509 DATASHEET Pdf Download. - ManualsLib Also for: Catalyst 6503, Catalyst 6506, Catalyst 6509, Catalyst 6509-neb, Catalyst 6509-neb-a, Catalyst 6513. ... Available in 3-, 6-, 9-, and 13-slot ... modules and Supervisor Engine 720 incorporate 11 new Cisco-developed application.

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Cisco 6509 Supervisor Card Slot Boot Failure - Stack Exchange The system is a 6509-E running software version 15.1(1)SY on both active and backup supervisor modules. The system had a primary and backup supervisor card (SUP720) running in SSO. The system was actively functioning in Standby Hot, but the Backup RP never took over as the Active RP, which caused a complete system reboot. Notes on Cisco Catalyst 6500 architecture. (Or what does ... The Supervisor 720 contains a 720 gigabit per second crossbar switching fabric that providing for multiple conflict-free (or non blocking) paths between switching modules. At the back of the module you can actually see the chip that is the switching fabric: Using the “supa klever” form of ... Cisco Catalyst 6506, Catalyst 6506-E, Catalyst 6509 and ... Figure 4 Supervisor Engine 720-10GbE Physical Interfaces The Catalyst 6500 series switches provide console ports, fixed Ethernet interfaces, six network and service module slots on the Catalyst 6506 and Catalyst 6506-E switch chassis and nine network and service module slots on the Catalyst 6509 and Cataly st 6509-E switch chassis.